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California Commercial Properties ("CCP") regularly negotiates and consummates sophisticated commercial leases, subleases, investment property and/or land purchase agreements. CCP has extensive exercise/experience in real estate legal, governmental and environmental issues, including but not limited to appraisal techniques*, financing alternatives, construction and development aspects, including proforma preparation. Involved with buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant, CCP can interface with all and comprehends the need for respective profitable results. CCP maintains involvement in significant relative trade organizations and other related activities and attends relative continuing education seminars and courses to keep abreast of market changes and trends.


Put Our Experience to Work for You


CCP Services / Property Leasing / Landlord Representation

Quality service and positive results have established CCP as a leader in positioning commercial properties for marketing success.  With intimate knowledge of the market, we have successfully integrated over 30 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in the best marketing and disposition plan for your property. Utilizing research, targeted marketing, an extensive customer/broker database, and long-standing relationships with respected business and professional sources, CCP works to find a qualified buyer for your property.


Upon retaining the Marketing Services of CCP, a thorough up to date property and market analysis will be provided.  The report will reflect the current market conditions as they relate to your Property.  The analysis will include: 


A methodical review and broker assessment* of your property

A review of updated of demographics & traffic trends

A review of disclosures

A review of recent local leasing trends

A review of current local competition

Conclusions, including recommendations to enhance property value/price and marketing.


CCP’s objective is to implement a highly refined, professionally planned and approved marketing campaign that will secure qualified Tenants for your Property at an acceptable price.  CCP’s strategy will include the following:


A. Canvassing:


The most important part of the entire marketing campaign will be a direct sales effort in the form of personally calling upon prospective Tenants for the project.  Brokers are committed to this process.


CCP maintains relationships with prospective Tenants and Tenant’s Brokers who operate in the market.  Using our computerized searching method, we are able to determine quickly and accurately the most likely prospects for your Property. 


B. Promotional Tools


CCP has had extensive experience in planning and coordinating advertising and promotional campaigns for various types of properties.  With regard to your Property, the following will be proposed:


CCP will help prepare a simple, clean brochure, which can be used as "leave behind" or "introductory material" for prospective Tenants. CCP will also prepare a more elaborate and detailed package, including demographics, competition maps, etc. to leave with the more seriously interested prospects.


CCP maintains its own web site and CCP maintain membership in the largest commercial real estate listing service in the country. CCP will post the availability of the Property on the web in order to give the Property maximum exposure.  CCP will prepare a brochure in pdf format to permit prospective Tenants to download and print the same and permit the Brokers to send the availability by Email.


When deemed necessary, CCP will also prepare and execute a direct “snail-mail” program. This will be a carefully coordinated program utilizing personal canvassing, as to ensure both components will have maximum effectiveness.  Experience has shown, mailing campaigns are only as effective if followed up in the form of a personal call.


CCP will design attractive project signs visible to traffic on all sides of the project (subject to owner's and county approval).


CCP will ensure positive media coverage in the market area.  CCP will make periodic releases to the media.  In addition CCP will represent the project at related trade functions.


C. Broker Cooperation:


Unlike many marketing companies, CCP believes in aggressively seeking the cooperation of the brokerage community throughout the entire marketing campaign.  It will be the Project Manager's responsibility to keep the brokerage community informed of current activity, and to promote the project.


D. Project-Availability, Showing, & Presentation:


CCP Project Manager's will maintain cellular phones, voicemail, email, and fax service to be readily available to prospective Tenants.  We realize brokers are in a service industry and accordingly CCP will attempt to accommodate the needs of Tenants for showings.  Project Manager's can provide formal presentations of the project to competitive brokerage houses and relative trade conventions and functions.


*CCP is not a licensed appraiser and any estimates of value given by CCP should not be used as a substitute for an appraisal by a licensed appraiser.


PROJECT HISTORY (Partial List): “Westlake Shopping Center” Daly City, California: +/- 650,000 SF Community Center anchored by Safeway, Burlington Coat Factory, Trader Joes, Walgreens, & Beverly’s, "Parkway Plaza", Napa, California: +/- 75,000 SF Community Center anchored by Mervyn's; "Alamo Plaza", Alamo, California; a 185,000 sq. ft. neighborhood center anchored by Safeway and Rite Aid (Re-leased and re-merchandised center from 30% vacancy to 100% leased); "Metro Center", Foster City, California; a +/- 150,000 sq. ft. neighborhood center in 110 acre mixed-use project, anchored by Safeway and Long's Drug Store.


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